History of OS-9 Samba File Manager

The beginning of the project concerns to 1996, when I have found out for the first time about existence of such software as Samba.

To this time there was a urgent necessity to connect mine VME-based machines running OS-9 with the Windows based computers. The first protocol I used was NFS - Network File System. However was clarified, that the support of this protocol from the Windows side is poor. There are or complex and expensive commercial products, or on the contrary, freeware with weak functionality.

Thus, I have decided to try to use Samba for these purposes. Once client from Samba distribution was compiled, I began to use it widely for exchange of files with my Windows machines. Unique, that did not arrange me, was a ftp-like interface, and I have come to output about necessity of deeper integration of this client in OS-9 Input/Output structure. Because SMB protocol is a file oriented protocol, it was impossible just to create an RBF-driver for existing Random Block File Manager.

So, the history of Samba File Manager began.
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