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Note:  this software is distributed electronically only. You have to include a valid e-mail address with your order. The full version will be sent to you by e-mail.

The registration is handled by an independent company called ShareIt!. They are specialists in program registration and have many payment options, including secured credit card, ordering by phone/fax, or check order. You can pay with any standard credit card, either online or by telephone or fax. You can also mail a check or money order. Business customers can arrange credit terms for purchase orders. With a presence in Europe as well as in the United States, ShareIt! provides customers with professional and international order and payment processing.

The ShareIt! European office
The ShareIt! US office
element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Str. 78
D-50823 Koln/Cologne
tel: +49-221-31088-20
fax: +49-221-31088-29
ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
Greensburg, PA 15601
tel: +1 (724) 850-8186
fax: +1 (724) 850-8187

All credit-card registrations via ShareIt! use secure encryption between the web site and your browser, and should be considered no more vulnerable than telephone or in-person credit card transactions.

Credit card registrations are accepted from any country, but all credit card transactions are subject to rigorous validity and anti-fraud checking. If your credit card registration is rejected for any reason, please verify carefully the information you entered. Credit card charges can normally be processed immediately, but in some cases they may be delayed for 24 hours or more for verification. If your credit card order is rejected or delayed for reasons which you do not understand, then please contact the credit card processor (i.e. ShareIt!) for an explanation.

I myself do not receive or store any credit card information. Your basic registration information is stored for future reference in case you ever lose it and need a copy, or in case you want to upgrade. Any information you may provide is used solely by me to assist you, and is never published or disclosed to third parties except as with your written permission.

To order the software online right now, click on the appropriate entry in the following table to go to the corresponding ordering page and enter the required information. Again, all the following links offer secured credit card ordering.

License  Price per copy Total price Program ID
Upgrade $55.95 $55.95 #102299
Single License $159.95 $159.95 #132477
10 Licenses Pak $99.95 $999.95 #136668
 Upgrade license is available only for registered users irrespective of date of the registration
 The price includes free 6-months upgrades and technical support by e-mail

If you have any concerns about using your credit card on the Internet, you can place your order by telephone or fax.

Telephone orders (toll-free in the USA and Canada)
Telephone orders (USA, not toll-free)
Fax orders (USA)
Telephone orders (Germany)
Fax orders (Germany)
Email orders

The Program ID # (see table above) is REQUIRED for both Voice and Fax orders.

After you have paid you will receive an e-mail with the full version of software attached. This e-mail will be sent to you within few days (usually about 3-5 days). If you do not receive the software within 5 working days after you place the order, please contact moc.abmas9so@ofni directly. Do not contact registration service again.

Important:  ShareIt! is independent registration service and can not be contacted to obtain technical support or order status. Ask moc.abmas9so@ofni for these or any other questions. You are dealing with "a real person", not a large company, so no titles are necessary when contacting me.

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