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Our users

"We use OS-9 Samba File Manager for holding and editing code on a Windows-PC with an comfortable editor (Ultra Edit) and compiling and linking under OS-9 connected via Hyperterm / Console to the Windows-PC. So we need no expensive NFS-Tools for the PC. Since Version II it's all running fine!"

Martin Auer, DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany

"Today I use OS-9 Samba File Manager inhouse for connecting my os9-systems to the windows-world. In particular, my 'selfhosted' os9-development-system is connected to my eprom-burner, which runs on a win95-system."

Ole Benny Hansen, danelec electronics a/s, Danmark

"We use that for Backup OS-9 at PC's Harddisk. Because of some programs's needing file locking we cannot use NFS, so we use Samba File Manager."

Uwe Petersen, EKF Elektronik GmbH, Germany

"Syac is a manufactor of a High Integrated Digital Video Recorder, called Digieye. There are two kind of devices : peripheral sites and central station. We are using the Samba client in the peripheral sites to export images and video sequences over a LAN. The same to print images on a Windows server. In the central station we use Samba File Manager to record on an external server the incoming video sequences coming from an alarmed peripheral site. Naturally also the same features of the peripheral sites are supported.

That is good product, easy to use, and, I have to say, faster than other products we tested in the past. About support, absolutely good. We always received a quick answer, when needed."

Piergiorgio Menia, SY.A.C. Research Lab Palazzina E3, Italy

"We use Samba File Manager to connect an OS-9-system to a PC (of course). The OS-9-system acts as a process and hardware control system of an isotope mass spectrometer. The PC is the 'intelligent graphic terminal' that provides the user inteface. Furthermore the simple OS-9 self-hosted development environment is setup with a telnet-emulation and an editor running under Windows and storing the sources on the PC.

This product is the only networking solution I know that lets OS-9 communicate via TCP/IP with Windows-filesystems easyly. It's easy to install. It's easy to use. It works perfectly. It's very good value for money."

Dr. Axel Tegtmeyer, THERMOLINEAR GmbH, Germany

"Online monitoring of medical devices is one part of our product range. For best effectivity we use the strength of both the OS-9 and the Windows world: OS-9 based single board computers for data communication, Windows based software for data presentation. Samba File Manager provides the transfer between the two worlds...

Advantages for us: Easy installation (nothing to do on server side), compatible to our file handling (locking etc.), good support."

Thomas Wirl, MedVision AG, Germany

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